Porsche's Secret Warehouse / by Philipp Steinhardt

Somewhere outside Stuttgart, hidden away on an unassuming industrial estate no more than 20 minutes' drive from the headquarters of Porsche AG, lies the company's top secret warehouse. This unmarked storage facility is said to contain the firm's legacy, a selection of prototypes, development mules, race cars and limited edition vehicles that would make any car enthusiast go weak at the knees. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that I would get to set foot inside this hallowed place, let alone be permitted to walk around with my camera taking pictures of the wonders that lay inside. But I was. And I did.

On the 4th of July 2014, I got a phone call from Lee Sibley, editor of Total911 magazine. How would I like to jump in a 991 Targa with him and drive to Stuttgart? We would have to leave the next morning and work for 4 days straight to get the content he required. "I need you to shoot a road test with the 991 Targa, a 991 vs. 964 comparison, a factory tour, the in-house museum, the 918 production line...and Porsche's top-secret storage facility." Sign me up Lee...

I packed my Leicas, threw some clothes into a small bag, and less than 18 hours later I was sitting in a Porsche on my way to Germany. I have to admit that I was so busy shooting other content for the first 2 days of the trip that I had little time to reflect on my impending visit to the warehouse. Needless to say that when the time did finally come, neither myself or Lee went home disappointed.

A selection of images from the 991 Targa road trip feature can be seen in my portfolio galleries here, and the images from my tour of the mind-blowing 918 Spyder production line can be viewed here.

But now, without further delay, the inside of Porsche AG's fabled top secret warehouse:

You can view the full size web gallery using the following link: